Going for Chartership 1 – Final Annual Report

I’m getting slower, feeling the cold more and can’t seem to go from a sitting to a standing position without making that “huuuuurrrup” noise my Dad makes! These are all part of the body’s natural ‘maturing’ process. Maturing as an Engineer however has altogether different symptoms, one of them being the application to Chartership and the 4th (or last) Annual Report which I’m currently fumbling through.

This short post (and hopefully the proceeding updates)  is just my way of sharing my worry and opinion, maybe even some recommendations, on the whole process from the last quarterly report (Q16) to recieving that pay rise work offered once i’m Chartered.

I’m probably a bit late to the game to be honest, I’ve already written my final quarterly report. It was done pretty much on auto pilot as after four years i’m able to fire them out like falafel wraps at a festival.

The Annual report is a whole different kettle of fish, i’m currently writing it now and have turned to blogging about it as one of the numerous distractions from actually doing it. As a massively modest man I always find it difficult writing about myself, or effectively selling myself to the IMechE as the most amazing engineer to date. But that’s all part of the game, you’re not writing these as a diary for yourself, you’re writing them to impress your reviewers for chartership. Think of it as the one time a year you’re allowed to brag and boast about your skills. Don’t be shy and also don’t lie. You’re an Proffesional Mechanical Engineer who’s worthy of Chartership – Repeat it like a mantra!

I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2006 with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering. I initially decided to become an engineer after reading Ron Champion’s book “Build your own sports car for £250”.

I have worked in the thermal energy sector for an OEM company since 2007, and I’m expecting to go for my CEng interview in 2012.

In my spare time I like to fiddle around with pet projects and play hockey for Lewes.

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