Going for Chartership 3 – Application and Sponsor Forms

In my previous post, documenting my application for IMechE CEng status, I was standing in front of what initially seemed like a paperwork monster. After four years of reporting progress via the online Career Developer / eMPDS system I nearly couldn’t bare anymore self indulgent marketing of “Brand Tom”. However we Engineers are never put off by a challenge, so I put pen to paper and commenced writing.

Application Form
Attacking the Application form first as this is essentially a CV for the job of Chartered Engineer. There are nine sections in total, with only two requiring any word-smithing. These two sections detail your Professional experience and your Career to date.

The first of these sections is your chance to explain your company and your role in it. Some of what is required could come from you job spec, however this make for an obviously impersonal and boring read.
The second section follows a similar suit, with the focus on previous positions held, whether they’re during the MPDS period or not. I used this section to highlight my hands on experience from a workshop role I held.
Things to consider when completing these sections are what you’ve achieved, what the outcomes were and how they were measured.

The remaining sections are self explanatory and consist of personal details, details of your two sponsors, qualifications and preferred interview location.

Sponsor Form
This is one of the easier forms as little work is required, providing you can find a sponsor and they have the time to complete it. To assist my sponsor I outlined key points in each competency that I thought were worthy of a mention. This provided some empathy as a blank sheet can be a daunting starting point.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will cover the Final personal Report and Development Action Plan.

I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2006 with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering. I initially decided to become an engineer after reading Ron Champion’s book “Build your own sports car for £250”.

I have worked in the thermal energy sector for an OEM company since 2007, and I’m expecting to go for my CEng interview in 2012.

In my spare time I like to fiddle around with pet projects and play hockey for Lewes.

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