Going for Chartership 4 – Final Personal Report

An Executives Summary is used throughout the business world to summarise a longer document or group of reports. Remember all those Quarterly and Annual reports you’ve submitted during your Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS)? Well you now need to summarise all of those into ~1.3 pages for the Final Personal Report (FPR).

Perhaps Summarise is the wrong word to use here. Yes the FPR sums up what you’ve achieved over your MPDS, however it’s not a simple cut and paste job on the competences. It needs to tell the story of your MPDS, in some ways it needs to justify why you should be bestowed chartered status.

So if you’re passionate about getting chartered you’ll need to approach this with the right attitude, spend as much time writing it as you did the covering letter and CV for your existing job. Giving it the same amount of critical review and proof reading too. If the FPR is an uninteresting summary of your work history it will not fill the assessors with any confidence to approve you. It also doesn’t bode well for any claims to your D competency, as interpersonal and report writing skills are core to most applications.

In my next post I will cover the Development Action Plan. An example of the Final Personal Report and Development Action Plan can be found here.

I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2006 with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering. I initially decided to become an engineer after reading Ron Champion’s book “Build your own sports car for £250”.

I have worked in the thermal energy sector for an OEM company since 2007, and I’m expecting to go for my CEng interview in 2012.

In my spare time I like to fiddle around with pet projects and play hockey for Lewes.

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