Going for Chartership 6 – Submitting your Application and Next Steps

In this, the penultimate post in my series following my progress towards chartership, I explain how to ensure you submit your application correctly and what happens next, before the interview. As a reminder to new readers this application follows the MPDS route, advice on the non-MPDS route can be seen on the IMechE website.

MPDS Checklist

The last thing you want after all these years is a delay your application process by forgetting to submit a document or cheque. Luckily for you the IMechE supply a checklist to help prevent this. If you’re an Associate Member and have already submitted a copy of your Degree Certificate, as required to use the post-nominal AMIMechE, then you shouldn’t need to include it in your submission. However, I am aware some people were asked for it afterwards regardless. As my Mentor was due to retire I got him to sign back up copies of the relevant forms. This might also be good practice to prepare for failings in the postal system.

Going through the checklist you should have a rather large envelope (A4 size) full off documents, as a guide it’s likely to be over a centimetre thick (2/5” for our older or US readers). The envelope should contain;

  • Three sponsor forms
  • Three copies of your Final Personal Report and Development action plan
  • Three of your latest Annual Assessment for years the last two years (i.e. 3×2)
  • Three of your last four quarterly reports (i.e. 3×4)
  • A Signed and complete application form
  • A Cheque for £85 for the application fee (2012)
  • A copy of your degree certificate (if necessary, see above)

All there? Great, now check them meticulously over and over again. Once you’re satisfied that the checklist is complete seal the envelope and send it to “Membership applications, IMechE, One Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ”.

Once your application has been received you’ll get a confirmation email promptly, you’ll likely to get a date for your interview arrive in a week or two.
The IMechE Professional Development Committee meets every quarter to approve registrations, so I’d advise you send your application in advance of that. Submit by the middle of January, April, July or November if you’re looking for a deadline.

Congratulations on getting this far, relax for a bit and stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be giving an insight into the much feared CEng interview process. In the mean time here’s a presentation that should help answer any questsion, if it doesn’t then please ask below in the comments section.

I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2006 with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering. I initially decided to become an engineer after reading Ron Champion’s book “Build your own sports car for £250”.

I have worked in the thermal energy sector for an OEM company since 2007, and I’m expecting to go for my CEng interview in 2012.

In my spare time I like to fiddle around with pet projects and play hockey for Lewes.

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