Job Interviews!

A few weeks back I told you folks about a job I applied for at a company called Engineering Arts. Well, guess what? That’s right, they called me in for an interview!

Now, so far my track record of being successful during an interview is pretty bad (1-4), so I’m going to need all the help I can get. I’ve spent most of my time searching the interwebz, and found lots of do’s and dont’s, but I want to hear your stories. I’m therefore calling out to all the engineers who have ever been to an interview, to come and share their experiences (and any mind control techniques are always welcome).

Kaushal Odedra

I began my life in Kenya and moved to the UK when I was five. I am currently an Associate member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and graduate of Brunel University where I did my masters in Aerospace Engineering. I am actively involved in the engineering community and i am currently chairman of the sussex and surrey young members panel. I am happy to answer questions from the community and it is my aim of this blog to inspire the next generation of engineers to become active members in their community.


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