The Genius of Dr Seamus Garvey? and his Airbags

There are several documents floating about on the web that analyse the current state of Wind Turbines and if you can be bothered to read them (or if it’s your job) then you’ll find that; Operation and Maintenance cost and storage of excess power generated are top of the list of issues that need to be resolved before Wind matches the cost per KW generated against conventional methods. If the data found here is anything to go by, Wind Turbines are dropping like Flies (Revenge for all the Birds they’ve killed) and costing their owners millions.

One of the ideas suggested to solve the problem of storage is by PROFESSOR SEAMUS GARVEY. A quick google search of his name would give you details about the Nottingham University Academician and his 8-blade solution that stores air in windbags on the seabed.

Video of Turbine design

The Airbags

A search on the UKERC Research register shows he was awarded £205,464 for a research that lasted 36 months that might or might not be related. Several pages report he has been awarded £280,000 by EON for prototypes.

I do wonder though, if an increase in the number of blades from 3 to 8 will not exponentially increase maintenance costs considering the Airbags would now also contribute to this. The blades on a conventional 3 bladed Turbine at the moment are still too expensive.

Would the solution be simply aiming to reduce the number of parts as in a DYSON BLADELESS FAN as already discussed here.

Would professor Garvey prove himself to be the genius he has declared himself to be in one of his videos or would this idea be as unpopular as the vertical axis Turbines in the long run?

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  1. S D Garvey says:

    Hi. I was just made aware of this. Regarding “genius”, please watch all of video – or at least the sentence after when the word “genius” appeared!

    Regarding 8 blades versus 3, short answer is no. Not “exponentially”. Not (8/3) times more expensive. Cheaper!. The rationale is fartoo long for a text box but please see a paper entitled “Structural Capacity and the 20MW wind turbines”.

    Parts count is usually a good thing to reduce but plays much less role when many parts are the same. The (old) wind industry thinking that cost of blades is proportional to the number of blades is simply wrong for large machines.

    Thanks for your interest. I am not a genius.

    1. Tim says:

      You may think you’re not a genius.

      I disagree.

      PS I’d like to see a dedicated website detailing your progress with windbags and the associated turbines etc – is this feasible (or does it exist)?

      1. Thanks Tim for the comments. I’ve been meaning to write about ‘Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)’ for a while – part of Dr Garvey’s Design is somewhat based on this. He gave a ‘webinar’ presentation that might still be available here

        whatever happens in the end, I’m glad we both agree that he is a GENIUS.

  2. I am extremely thrilled and honoured that you responded and also apologise for not being able to do much justice to your Turbine Design – It is all I could squeeze in the typical short attention span blog type analysis.

    I will right (write) my wrong at a later date with maybe a line or 2 from you on progress made.

    I did watch the whole video and was just simply using the word ‘genius’ in the same context the video did, it is Good to see much Humility shown from such an accomplished man and whether or not this takes off, I still think you’re a Genius and that allows you to stay clear of self-praise, self-commendation and self-confidence.

    Continue with your work, I/we appreciate you.

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