The manufacturing behind Easter…

Many of you reading this may be feeling the after effects of over-indulging in chocolate over the weekend – in fact you may still be over-indulging as this goes to post!  But have you ever wondered how all of those billions of chocolate eggs are manufactured?  Here’s how…

It’s a pretty serious business as you can see!  Of course there are more artisan ways of making chocolate eggs as well…

And very soon you may be able to make your very own!  Last week you may have seen the BBC reporting on some cutting-edge scientific research being conducted at the University of Exeter.  Some very clever people there have developed a 3D chocolate printer!

It seems we’re dependent on manufacturing for just about everything, doesn’t it?  😀

Rob Thornton

I’m a Lecturer in Mechanics of Materials at the University of Leicester with specialist interests in manufacturing tribology and metallurgy, with an MEng and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Sheffield.

I’m a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner and an Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. While I do stick my nose into other areas of interest/outrage, you’ll probably find most of my blog posts are about research and higher education issues.

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    mmmmm chocolate 😀

    I love seeing the manufacturing of anything, even better when it’s my favourite thing in the world 😀 Thanks for sharing the videos Rob!